[SIAP PAKAI!] 51+ Contoh Announcement Singkat Mudah di Mengerti!

Kumpulan Contoh Announcement Singkat / Pengumuman Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Announcement Singkat – Komunikasi akan lebih simple dan  mudah dilakukan jika objek dalam komunikasi sedikit. Namun bagaimana caranya jika ingin menyebarkan informasi ke mayarakat umum atau khalayak ramai? Tentu treatment yang dilakukan berbeda dengan komunikasi 2 -3 orang. Inilah yang sering kita sebut dengan mass media atau media masa.


Adapun Terdapat berbagai macam cara penyampaian informasi ke khalayak ramai, mulai dari iklan atau advertisement, selebaran, dan salah satunya ialah pengumuman. Berbeda dengan iklan ataupun media promosi bebas yang lainnya, format dari media yang satu ini  lebih cenderung formal dan resmi. Berikut pembahasan lebih dalam :

Pengertian Pengumuman dalam Bahasa Inggris

Announcement atau pengumuman adalah sebuah pemberitahuan atau pernyataan secara resmi dalam bentuk tulisan atau lisan yang berisi suatu informasi tertentu agar dapat diketahui oleh semua orang secara langsung, cepat dan merata. Pegumuman sangat berguna untuk menyampaikan infromasi secara efektif dengan target audeience yang ramai. Mengapa efektif? Karena informasi yang diberikan pasti benar karena hanya berfokus dari satu sumber yang memang bertujuan untuk menyampaikan info tersebut.

contoh announcement singkat
contoh announcement singkat

Apabila informasi menyebar dari mulut ke mulut, informasi tersebut akan cenderung rawan untuk berubah dari informasi awal, karena kemampuan orang untuk menangkap informasi berbeda-beda. Pada kehidupan sehari – hari, pengumuman bisa kita temukan di media layar kaca, mading tempat kerja atau sekolah.

Contoh Pengumuman dalam Bahasa Inggris / Announcement Text

1. Contoh Written Announcement

  • Contoh Announcement tentang Lomba – Dancing Competition

contoh announcement singkat
School Announement

Mohon Perhatian!

Sekolah kita akan mengadakan kompetisi dancing/tari yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 14 Maret 2012

Registrasi akan dimulai pada tanggal 10-12 di Ruang Osis

Pendaftaran Gratis dan penuh dengan hadiah!

Untuk info lebih lanjut hubungi ketua OSIS.

  • Contoh Announcement School – Rapat Kelas

contoh announcement singkat
Class Gathering


Asosiasi Siswa akan mengadakan kumpul siswa untuk siswa kelas VII pada 15 Agustus di Hall

Dimohon untuk semua siswa agar datang

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, Hubungi Rudy di kantor asosiasi siswa

Assosiasi Siswa

  • Contoh – Undangan Reuni

Contoh annaouncement singkat
Contoh annaouncement singkat

Sekolah Eastridge

Tahun 1971

Reuni 40 Tahun

Tanggal : 9 Juli 2011

Waktu : Sore – 10.0 PM

Makanan : 2:00 PM (Makanan lagi pada 06:00 PM)

Air dan minuman tidak beralkohol disediakan

Lokasi : Camp Eastman

Biaya : 25 Dollar (hanya untuk orang dewasa, hewan peliharaan tidak di perkenankan)

Pemesanan : Sebelum 1 juli 2011

Kita akan mengadakan piknik, busana yang dikenakan lebih baik casual

Musik dari DJ Glenn Romano dan Karoke

Informasi lebih lanjut : www.clas71.com

  • Contoh – Pengumuman Ulang Tahun Perusahaan #1


You are invited to help us celebrate 20 years of auto solution to the locals of Monroe Area. We enjoy to be the primary dealership in both sales and service for the State of Kansas. It’s something we have worked hard to accomplish. Please drop in at 1600 Main Road throughout the month of June to delight in summer drinks as well as see the most up to date models. While you are there, remember to register for our huge July free gift.

  • Contoh – Undangan Ulang Tahun Perusahaan #2


You are welcomed in order to help us commemorate Twenty Years of automotive service to the citizens of Monroe Area. We more than happy to be the leading supplier in both sales and solution for the State of Kansas. It’s something we have actually worked hard to achieve. Please decrease in at 1600 Key Road throughout the month of June to take pleasure in summertime refreshments and see the most recent models. While you are there, remembDoe & Sons is happy to announce their 75th wedding anniversary! Please join us Saturday, April 15, for free hotdogs and balloons for the kids. Browse through Doe’s showroom equipped with the most up to date furniture fashions in party of this celebration.

Doe has actually furnished the residences of Springfield with fine furnishings for several years and also continues the practice by passing anniversary financial savings on you. With the end of April, receive 15% off any kind of breast of drawers or TV amusement center. All couches, chairs, as well as like seats are 20% off! Come join in the event at Doe & Sons.er to register for our big July free gift.

  • Contoh Announcement Singkat – Undangan Ulang Tahun Perusahaan #3


Come and celebrate with us on the 25th wedding anniversary of our opening! Doe Stationers have offered the Springfield community considering that June, 1972, when John Doe initially sold pens and envelopes from the kiosk on Main Road. Since that time we have relocated to a gorgeous retail space in the Springfield Plaza building, and our business has actually come to be one of the most unique stationer’s in the state.

The month of June will certainly be a month of party at Doe’s. We are celebrating with sales on all fine pens and also papers, and there will certainly be an illustration for a special edition gold Doe Trademark ink pen valued at $685.00. We could not have made it 25 years without our dedicated clients, and we want to serve you even better during the following 25!

  • Contoh Announcement Pendek – Pengumuman Cuaca Buruk

Attention Please !

In the event of negative weather condition or other emergency situation, be advised that Doe Firm introduces firm closings or delayed openings on radio station ABCD, 1170 AM. The station has actually consented to make public solution statements every fifty percent hour, as required. We recommend that you keep a battery operated radio convenient for emergency situations, so you will certainly always be able to hear the announcements.

If we close or postpone opening up as a result of negative weather condition or emergency, firm policy is to compensate staff members for wasted time. Nevertheless, we expect you to return to function when we reopen. If you are ever before uncertain, call your manager so we do not penalize you for missing out on a day.

  • Contoh Announcement Pendek – Rapat


RE: Special meeting on profit-sharing plan

John Doe would like to meet with staff members this Friday to go over the opportunity of a long-term profit-sharing program. To prevent shutting the offices, fifty percent of the staff need to go to the meeting at 3:00 p.m. and the other fifty percent at 4:00 p.m. Please make the required setups.

I suggest you review the here and now advantages bundle prior to attending, so you will recognize all the ramifications of a modification. This is a distinct chance to assist framework a plan for your maximum benefit. Please strategy to go to.


  • Contoh Announcement Library


Dear student, don’t forget to return your book to the library in the previous position, because the library will be closed after the semester examamination. Make sure the book still in good shape. Thank You.


The New Waban Library

It will be open to the public from one to ten o’clock P.M., on Friday, May second, two thousand and twenty.

During the evening, the mayor and the library trustees of newton will be present, and at about half-past eight, the building will be presented to the city as a gift from the people of Waban.

All residents of Waban are cordially invited to inspect their library and to attend the brief and informal presentation exercises.

Regular library service in the new library will begin on Saturday, May Third


  • Contoh Announcement Text


  • Contoh Pengumuman Sekolah dalam Bahasa Inggris


  • Contoh Spoken Announcement



Following the worldwide security guidelines, the accompanying things are never permitted to be taken onto plane travelers, either in their lightweight suitcases or in their processed gear: weapons, including blades and firearms, explosives, including explosive and firecracker.

The accompanying things might be put in handled gear yet not on a lightweight suitcase. Devices, including sledges, screwdrivers, and wrenches; athletic gear, for example, golf clubs, slugging sticks, skis and skis posts

At the point when you go through the security line, all packs will experience our X-beam machines, and a few sacks will be physically checked by faculty, too.

Much obliged to you for your participation. Have a sheltered and charming flight.


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