A Little Piece of Heaven in Borneo, Derawan Island

DERAWAN ISLAND – One of the terrific tourist destination in East Kalimantan is Derawan Islands. Over the last few years this area preferred as one of the exceptional trip of exotic coastline in Indonesia. The charm of Derawan Islands that you could appreciate such as; diving and also snorkeling.

Derawan Islands resembles the regular desire for an exotic paradise with secluded white sand beaches, clear blue water and also some coconut trees supplying some shade. The islands are located in Berau area, of the coast of East Kalimantan and also it is one of the bests diving spot in the world.

The Beauty of Derawan Archipelago

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Derawan Islands is administratively a part of the Berau regency, East Kalimantan. Geographically talking, the Derawan Islands include 31 islands, huge as well as tiny, lived in and also uninhabited. The whole location itself covers around 1.27 hectares. Marine biologists state that the Derawan Islands are number 2 on the list of biodiversity wealth, simply one place behind Raja Ampat on West Papua.

Derawan Islands has 1,270,000 hectare location of sea as well as island are aquatic and also coastal communities: coral reefs, seagrass beds as well as mangrove forests. It has an one-of-a-kind biodiversity with more than 460 sort of coral spread around this area and also several sandbanks like Pulau Panjang, Muaras, Masimbung, Buliulin, Pinaka and Tababinga Sandbank.

There are also 870 type of fish, several of them are protected species like green turtles, scale turtles, whales, dolphins, large clams, coconut crabs, and barracudas. This area has the largest turtle environment as well as nesting site in South East Asia.

derawan island

In Derawan Island, besides offers the spectacular white coastlines, the underwater life at Derawan Islands is also very impressive. There more than 28 diving places here as well as you will certainly not be alone as numerous domestic and also foreign vacationers dive in this attractive ecological community. The Derawan Islands is a divers paradise.

Despite the fact that there are numerous islands around, there are 4 that attract attention the most, which are Derawan Island itself, Maratua Island, Kakaban Island, as well as Sangalaki Island. All of these islands are popular for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and also unbelievable underwater beauty.

The Main Island : Derawan Island

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Derawan Island is the main island standing for all the various other islands around. It most likely becane synonemous for the whole area since visitors used it as their beginning indicate explore the location. Many individuals decide to stay on Derawan Island since it is one of the most established and also stays quite cost effective.

For a remote island, Derawan’s facilities are really much from primitive. It has running water, electrical energy and plentiful accommodations facilities in a selection of prices and little booths selling basic items-including cool drinks! Derawan Island is a wonderful area to walk on the beach, feel the peace or join the citizens in the village. Yet the piece de resistance of this island is the elegance listed below the water surface area.

You can go snorkeling or scuba diving. The residents of these waters are currently noticeable in the superficial waters near the beach such as the safeguarded environment-friendly turtle (if you are fortunate enough, you can see them lay eggs at the beach at night or even aid to launch their newborns right into the open sea!), clown fish, polyps, lionfish, triggerfish, wrasses and also much more. If you prepare to scuba dive you could go deeper and see more intriguing marine life assembling in the coral reefs.

Maratua Island

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Maratua is an additional occupied island with lots of lodging centers. The Nabucco and Paradise hotel is well known as one of the very best resorts of Derawan. Rates are certainly above the holiday accommodation on Derawan Island. Maratua Island is really much like Derawan Island with its white sandy beaches and also clear blue water. Its coastline is much longer and also wider compared to the coastline on Derawan Island.

But just what makes Maratua Island renowned are its dive websites. Its charm lures any type of diver to go deeper to explore the mystery underneath. According to the dive master I talked to, you are required to have exceptional diving abilities and lots of experience due to the fact that the currents underneath are rather solid and also often uncertain. If you really feel unsure, after that snorkeling is constantly a choice. Shallow waters around Maratua give the same charm as in Derawan.

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There many diving websites in Maratua Island, yet the most preferred are the Big wheel Country, Turtle Traffic and Shark City diving sites. Big Fish Nation is one of the most difficult dive site amongst all, as a result of its really solid currents. Make certain you are completely prepared as well as listen meticulously to your dive master before going under. At this site, you can see pelagic fish such as coral reef sharks and barracudas.

Shark City is the place to be if you intend to swim with sharks. You could experience coral reef, hammerhead and also tiger sharks, together with eagle rays. Turtle Traffic is much smoother than Big wheel Nation as well as Shark City. At this site, as the name suggests, you can see green turtles and if you are fortunate, you could likewise see the rare hawksbill turtle.

Kakaban Island

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Kakaban is a distinctively developed shallows that creates a lake in the center of the island with all-natural formation for millions of years, causing a gigantic lake with hundred of non stinging jellyfish. It is safe to swim below as well as interact with the jellyfish. There are only two places on the planet similar to this, which are Kakaban in Indonesia as well as the state of Palau.

The jellyfish living in the lake have in fact been entraped inside from the open sea as well as only prey on the green algae in the lake. Individuals believe that this diet regimen could create the jellyfish to shed their protective painful device. There are numerous types of jellyfish in the lake, such as the typical or moon jellyfish and also the seen or gold jellyfish.

After swimming with the jellyfish, most individuals hop on their watercraft and head over to their following location. Yet in Kakaban Island, it’s not almost the jellies. The diving websites right here are additionally incredible! You could come across sharks as well as barracuda or descend into the blue light cave which lies at a deepness of 21 meters.

Salangaki Island

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Sangalaki is the home of an additional renowned sea creature: the manta ray. These gargantuan fish could have a wingspan from 5-7 meters throughout and also could in some cases ascend to the surface of the water. If you are fortunate enough, you could not even have to go deep. Lots of people have actually snorkeled in Sangalaki Island as well as handled to see these mantas near the surface area on several occasions.

However the majority of the times, mantas are seen in much deeper waters as well as despite their dimension, they are fairly misleading. So you may have to rely on your diving gear and also abilities. There are other dive sites in Sangalaki Island where you can see green turtles, eels and also more.

On the whole, Derawan Islands are extremely attractive as well as definitely worth a check out. It is both immaculate and also marvelous and also never fails to surprise. So, if you are perplexed on where to locate that best coastline or a vacation surrounded with endless all-natural wonder in Indonesia, the Derawan Islands are the ones you may be looking for.

How to go to Derawan Island?

There are Ways to Reach Derawan Island:

  • There are direct trips from all significant airline companies in Indonesia to Balikpapan.
  • After getting to Balikpapan, you could go either to Tarakan or Berau. The airline companies leaving to these places are extra restricted but obtain you there in the end.
  • In Tarakan, you will certainly continue with a 10 min vehicle ride to the harbor and take an about 2 hr boat ride to the Derawan Islands, while in Berau, you need to take an about 2 hr automobile trip but only around a 20 mins watercraft ride.

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Derawan Island Travel Tips

While planning your trip to derawan, these are several things that might be useful to consider about :

  • Given that there are no public boats going to Derawan Islands, you need to get in touch with a local traveling guide to organize your watercraft trip. This additionally includes your lodging, dish, travel overview, and snorkeling/travel gear.
  • For those who have custom sized garments for diving, such as your wetsuit and also flippers, it is suggested to bring your personal, since not all dimensions are readily available right here.
  • If you plan to scuba dive, make sure to talk to the dive master pertaining to security and also underwater conditions at the diving sites.
  • Taking photos of the gorgeous surroundings both above as well as under the sea is a must. Bring your water-proof cam or an underwater casing for your cam.
  • Remember that the Derawan Islands in likewise a sanctuary. Avoid any kind of littering and do not touch corals.
  • Organize your spending plan. A four-day journey at Derawan Island will certainly cost you around IDR 3,3 – 4 million (around USD 330 – 400), including airplane tickets and also accommodation. It can be cheaper or much more costly, depending upon the period and also your choice in holiday accommodation.
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